Monday, November 30, 2009

Wii had fun

Go Mel!!
Bella in training to make homemade tortillas

Blogger has not been working well for me but I will try again. I had a short but great visit with the Sorensens. The train ride was uneventful compared to other years, it was really full so I wasn't able to stretch out at all or get any of my perks but the people I sat by were great and I did sleep so that was good. The trip from Klamath Falls to Oakridge on the way home was absolutely gorgeous with freshly fallen snow all over the trees and mountains, I just sat back and marveled at it all the way.

We enjoyed playing Rock Band on the Wii and lots of board games, Melanie, Bethany and I went to see New Moon and loved it. Bethany is crazy, to say it mildly, about Jacob and I am still an Edward fan. Mel and Andy cooked up a storm and all the food was delicious, sorry Em and Jen, I was thinking about you as we were eating home make tortillas.

Thanks so much for having me guys, next time I need to sleep longer at your house than I do on the train though:) I have more pictures I wanted to share but I'm giving up on getting it to work.