Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, ye of little faith

Bruce has a vision and I am a little skeptical. I should trust him, I know, because he has always done such a good job with the yard and flowers. I loved it the way it was though, stay tuned to see what happens.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cowboys are alive and well!

Dad was a big hit at the Hoe Down at Camp Alpine last night, he always loves to get into character and fit right in with the kids. It was mighty cold even though they had a raging fire burning, it mainly just roasted out the performers. I was really amazed at the talent from the branches as well as the Cowboy poetry and singing by Van and Kathy Criddle. Another great activity, they do have a good time and we try to keep up. We left before the square dancing so we could make sure we got an extra hour of sleep since we had to turn our clocks forward and I'm glad we did since today they all said they didn't leave Camp Alpine until midnight! If I really try, I can remember having that kind of energy way back in the day.

It is a quiet Sunday as Dad has been working all day trying to find a problem that has been bothering them all week. I am catching up on things I love to do when I don't have time so it's good in that way.
I added the photo of the daffodils for Bella as she wrote the most adorable letter asking if they had bloomed yet. It just made my day! It seems like we don't have as many this year but they are beautiful and I love them. We do have a bunch of tulips coming up and yesterday dad removed the tacky fence so you can actually see them. I will pray the kids don't step on them now!!!
Dad is home and ready to eat so that's it for now. Have a great week. Birthday time has officially started. Can you even believe that Jennifer is 21? Next week is Brad's birthday, then Dontea and on to all those in April, May and we even have a June now with Justin.