Friday, September 17, 2010

Horseshoe Bend Fix

Wow, I'm having trouble getting these photos to move where I want them and no time to fix it.
Take notice Jenni and Steph of Whitehorse Falls, your favorite to play in. They have a lot more water going in to it now and they built this new observation deck.
Lemolo Falls, our newest discovery.

We knew we were taking a big chance going to Horseshoe the last week of August and thought it would be really crowded but instead it had rained that day and everyone moved out, we had the place to ourselves. The rain stopped as soon as we got there but we know better than to go without the fashionable blue tarps, just in case. It never rained again and got warmer every day.

Bruce in his favorite spot, he fished early mornings and evenings and we went on outings, played games, read and had a great time during the day.

Warming up after standing in the river for hours, I never did understand that. He caught some nice fish but it's catch and release there so we only broke the law once and ate one for breakfast. Yummy!

About Lemolo Falls (first photo) I can't believe we have never heard of it after 24 years. I don't know if it was that we hiked right after lunch or if I'm that out of shape but it was a long way in and out, you'll see from my face in the next picture that I was exhausted, Bruce just looks as though he went on a nice stroll, grrrrrrrrrr. I'm sure that sign lies! Plus, we had been hearing about bears and cougars and I was a little freaked out the whole time, we saw one other couple on the trail.

We both admitted being concerned about going without any family and we missed you all so much but we had a wonderful time and there was a memory around every corner and we had such fun talking about them, too many to mention but they are the best!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who says it's never nice on the Oregon Coast?

Two great days, photos in no particular order.

Take #150

Sorry Em, I had to include this one...we were trying so hard to get the kids to smile, she was exhaused.

You have to go to Mo's, right? It was so delicious!

I wish you could see that Carly's sweatshirt has whales on it, so cute!

They never tired of this activity.

This is when we weren't watching Carly and she fell and hurt her head on a pointed rock, sorry sweetie but you have to get the photo.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super fun birthday week

We were so lucky to have Emily and the kids visit for a week this month because of her class reunion. She was busy with the reunion for a couple days so that gave us time to play with the kids, it was great. To make it even more fun, Jill, Joseph and Justin came down from Seattle for a few days. Here are a few favorite photos. Carly is really enjoying her piece of Grandpa's corn on the cob. It was slow coming this year but finally made it and was delicious. I can't say as much for the tomatoes though, they still aren't ripe except for the hanging plant tomatoes, they did great.

After a fun afternoon at SPLASH, we had a picnic with the Mitchells. Warner and I exchanged our gifts and they were great, as always. It was a very fun evening but the boys were exhausted and Easton got a sliver in his foot so it was bed time. Another fun thing about the week was the great weather and we were able to sit out every night and visit with Em and Jill while we watched for the plane.

Here is Joseph having a good time at BOUNCE, they ran and played for an hour and had so much fun. Jill, Em and I were anxious to leave as it smelled in there:)

The kids had such fun together, jumping on the tramp, watching movies, riding bikes, picking blueberries and most of all playing with Grandpa's train.

I love this picture of Em and Jill, look at her adorable baby tummy! Thanks girls for making my birthday extra special.
I almost forgot this picture of Carly, Em was at her reunion and we were watching the kids, it got real quiet so Dad went looking for her and found her IN the suitcase. Cutie Pie!

I'm grateful for another birthday and all the love shown by my family and friends. Life is so great!