Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Bruce complains that we are never home for my birthday so he could make the day nice for me the way he would like to, I looked back in my journal and sure enough it's true we are either camping, visiting in Beaver, driving a child to or from Rexburg, etc. It doesn't bother me though, in fact it makes things a little more exciting this way.

This year was super great as we went to Beaver and celebrated with my mom and family there, then on to Las Vegas and celebrated with Em, Steve and Easton, then home where Jenni had fixed my favorite taco dinner and fruit pizza. I spent the rest of the day on the phone with my children and grand children which was the best. I love birthdays and being remembered even at 57! (I actually thought I was 57 most of last year so it is like getting a bonus year:)

Thanks to all for making my day great!! I love you. Most of you know that Warner's birthday is the same day as mine so we finished out the day by sharing our desserts and gifts over there.Check out this awesome apron LeAnn made me out of a table cloth. I love it!

There are so many delicious ice cream places in Las Vegas, I think we still have a couple to try. This one is all low fat frozen yogart with tons of topping choices.

We ate a lot, tons, and visited a lot and just had a great, relaxing time with family. Dad spent any spare time doing chores around the house for Grandma and watching the olympics.

The is a lot of beautiful scenery between Las Vegas and Southern Utah that I had forgotten about, it's been awhile since I made this drive. It made me want to visit so many other places again... Bryce Canyon, Zions, The Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Guess we will just have to go back next year about August 24th. It did my heart good to go back to my home town, I love BEAVER!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joyous July part two

Shayanna wasn't able to attend the reunion because of Dontea's baseball tournament in Portland but she and a friend spent the night with us the week end before and we had a great time at the mall and Amazon pool. Isn't she just so pretty?
I love Summer so much if for no other reason than sitting out waiting for "the plane" with Mitchell's and who ever else will join us. This night it happened to be Steph's boy friend. He thought we were a little strange but we like him anyway.
The day after the family reunion it was off to girls camp for a fun filled week with the girls from our stake and all my old buddies. Here we are building our kitchen, sorry I don't have a picture of the finished product because it was awesome. I love the spirit there, I slept well every night and just had so much fun.

Jenni is home with us for seven weeks and that just tops it all off. I feel really blessed as I recount the past month. Hope you are having a great Summer too!!

Joyous July!

First off, proof of the rafting trip I told you about earlier. This is Dad starting a water fight the minute he got in the boat. He is the one in the hat with the bucket!!
Beautiful scenery all the way.
Of course the picture of me is on the calm part of the trip.

Next up: Jolley Reunion
What a joy it was to spend time with our family at Horseshoe Bend campground, a place so dear to our hearts. It flew by and the days were filled from start to finish with all the things we love about spending time there. I was a little bummed when I realized I didn't play even one hand of 500, (as I remember it, I did beat Bethany in a game of phase 10, right Beth?) and I only got one ice cream snickers and visit to Dry Creek Store and that was on our way out of town the last day. I stayed busy spending time with the kids and what fun that was, they are too adorable for words. Thanks to all for supporting us in this. We love you!!!
#1. I think Jill was resting when we let Justin play in the dirt:)
#2. Getting ready for our hike
#3. I love this photo, Kellen was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open but was determined to have a smore before bed.
#4. Last day photo
#5. We aren't used to catching this many huge fish, thanks Brad and Kristy!