Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Precious Cameron

Meet the newest member of our family, Cameron Marcus Jolley. We are so thrilled and love him so much already. He was born Tuesday, July 19 in Portland, Or. He weighed 9 lbs and was 21 inches long. Connie kept telling us he felt so big but we were all guessing around 8lbs, he joins the ranks of the other big Jolley babies, we like them that way! He is so beautiful and we loved being there and able to hold him hours after he was born.

His brothers are so proud and were just so cute with him, it's going to be fun to watch them together. Three sons, what a blessing!I'm sad that I didn't even get a picture of the whole family. I hope someone did. It was a great joy to be there with them this week. Welcome to the family Cameron, we love you!

Babies are amazing, I marvel at the miracle.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun Summer days

We were able to go to a super fun baby shower for our precious great grandson, Harlan. This is his beautiful mom, Cierra and super proud auntie Darian. Tina did a wonderful job, lots of people came and it was really fun. Harlan has considerable health problems and we continue to pray for him every day.
Here is dad using his super Bob the Builder skills to install a shelf in Marc and Connie's new home. We had a fun time with them on moving day and love their beautiful new home.
We are so blessed to have Michael and Jenni living with us this Summer, it's the best! They have lots of fun ideas of things to do and we just enjoy every minute. This is Father's Day and Dad loved his annual hanging basket they gave him.

This was our last day picnic with the day care kids. Court and Everett were in town so it was great to have them join us. I miss all these kids already, love, love, love them!

One of the first things Jenni and I did together was make strawberry jam from the berries in the freezer so we could make room for the new ones. Too bad we were having so much fun I forgot to go get the new ones, luckily they have a plan for people like me and I was able to go way out of my way and retrive them the next day before they were donated elsewhere.

We have also been sewing, cooking, eating treats, exercising, watching Veronica Mars, eating more treats, scrapbooking, talking, sitting out, we have driven to Portland many times and are just having such good times. Michael goes to work and we play, he loves his job thouogh and is good to join right in when he gets home.

This next picture was actually Memorial Day but it works for the 4th too, right? We celebrated both with style.

Hope you are all having a great Summer!