Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We love visitors!

We were so glad to have Marc, Connie, Kellen and Caleb visit us on Father's Day! Melanie noticed right off when she called that the house wasn't dead quiet like it was on Mother's Day. I'm not complaining about Mother's Day, it was great, just quiet. I don't see Connie or I in any of the pictures, no surprise there, but we were there and we had a good time visiting and watching the boys play, aren't they just adorable. Thanks to all of you who remembered Dad, he loves you and it meant so much to him.I could hardly believe that I got to spend time with my sister, Janet, today! She called last night and ask me to meet her in Florence so I drove over and we spent four hours together in Old Town and The Sea Lion Caves and just had a great time, it was the best weather I have seen there in a long time, beautiful and warm. She is on the end of a vacation with her friends Karen and JB Jones, they went on a cruise to Alaska. WOW! Lucky! I may have to get brave and do that some day. Ila and Val went and now Warner and LeAnn are going in the fall. I love her and we always have fun together, it is just few and far between that we get to spent time together so what a blessing. It's going to be hard to top my first two days of my Summer vacation. Yesterday was just so nice to be able to go to the store at 10:00 in the morning.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweetness in Seattle

We hadn't seen Darren, Jill, Justin and Joseph since Christmas and that is just too long so we took a couple days off and went for a visit. Justin and Joseph have changed a lot in that time and it was so much fun to spend time with them again. The boys are so incredibly adorable and fun to play with. Justin is on the move at all times learning to walk and Joseph is such a good big brother, he just had his 4th birthday, loves to play outside and with his buddies on play days and is learning to read. He was a big help to Grandpa, Bruce the builder, when he helped Darren fix their gate and Grandpa helped him plant his very own tomato plant.We were able to go to their Stake Conference with them and Elder Ballard was their visiting General Authority so that was a plus. We had lots of delicious food thanks to Jill and enjoyed getting caught up. Darren was able to meet us for lunch and come home early on Monday and cook hamburgers and smores for us. Delicious!
Jill took us on the Water Taxi, to the pier where Darren joined us for lunch and then we had a great time shopping at the market. I think the only thing we really bought was ice cream but it was fun to look and smell all those huge fish! The water taxi was my favorite.

The time went by to fast, and we came home Tuesday morning after a wonderful time. Thanks Guys!