Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Too much to catch up.

This seems impossible but I want to try to hit the high spots, as I look back there have been a lot and it has been a wonderful six months for the most part.
 In May we visited the Rogers family in Vegas for the blessing of our beautiful Ivy Reese.  She is so precious!
 We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversay by attending the Donnie and Marie show at the Flamingo hotel and spent the afternoon watching the flamingos with  Em, Carly  Easton and Ivy.
From there we went to Seattle to a dule celebration for Joseph, it was his eighth birthday and his baptism.  We are so proud of him and it was a great time. 

June came in with a bang and it was time to party again. This time it was Harlow's blessing day. She is a blessing from above that is for certain.

 These boys are so adorable when they get together, I hope it is always that way.  I look at this and just think they will be sixteen in the blink of an eye but I try not to dwell on that.  Not that being 16 is a bad thing, it just comes all to quickly.
Grandma and Grandpa Woodmansee came all the way from TX for the occasion and of course, they had to see saturday market.

Nest Up - The Jolley Reunion at Twin Rocks friends camp. AWESOME place!!
 Oops!  The airport ruined Em's luggage, so nice of them to give her a garbage bag with the remains.
 Janeen Lou, Lindsay Lou, and Lily Lou.
 So many great things to do at this place, we much go there again soon.  I was a big chicken in the canoe and Tamara was really patient with me.
 The good ol' boys having fun together.
 Jenni, Michael and Harlow enjoying the ocean and Jenni and McKenzie catching up.  It was so wonderful to see all the Jolleys again.  They are super great, fun people and we love them all.  Too many photos to post today, I totally regret not bugging people to get the whole family shot. 
More fun Summer days coming up next.

 We got to catch one of Kellen's games which was so fun.  Jenni made it to Caleb's kindergarten graduation.  Caleb is crawling all over the place, see they are growing up too fast.  We love spending time with them!

 HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!  Harlow went on a very crowded stroller ride and was a very good girl.

 Super fun, super quick weekend at the coast.
 Yeah!  Steph and Evelyn came for a visit.  I'm really mad that LeAnn and I are not in this picture, we need the three generation best friends shot.
Happy Birthday Cameron.  Really great get together at GG's house in Junction City.

Well, I thought I could do it but I can't.  This is too long and Dad is hungery so I'll have to finish later.  As you can see, there was nothing to complain about last Summer, I was pretty spoiled with family time.  I could write a whole other looooooooooooong
post about how wonderful it was to have Jenni, Michael and Harlow all Summer, I wish I hadn't put it off.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


We've been able to spend more time with these adorable boys. Caleb loves to play toys with Grandma and Grandpa.  He has quite the imagination and it's fun for us too.
Cameron is ten months old already, he can crawl and pull himself up and is a very happy boy, always smiling. 
Marc sent this picture on Mother's Day, I love it.  They are growing up too fast!
Spring has been so beautiful this year, I've enjoyed every minute of it and Bruce does ALL the work so I just get to sit back and enjoy!  Jenni helped my make this collage and I'm very proud of it:)
They're Back!  We are enjoying every day with Jenni, Michael and Harlow, thankfully we get an extra month this year because one had already passed.  Harlow is growing and changing every day and it is just so much fun to watch.
We have fashion shows daily, she has so many cute outfits but she spits or poops on them regularly so she gets to wear them all.  She loves her hands and will stare at them for long periods of time, it's handy because  you don't have to bring a toy along.  She is very strong and holding her head and back up already.

First official sit out night of the season, let the fun begin! Can't wait to solve the problems of 2012 with our beloved neighbors and friends all summer long. I was going to add Ivy's blessing and Joseph's baptism but I think this is all for today.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Most Marvelous March!! The babies are here!

I left home on the 5th and returned on the 23rd, and had a wonderful visit in Utah and Nevada with Emily and Jenni and their families. Dad was a good sport about me being gone and got a lot done around the house but was anxious for "his cook" to return. I was able to spend a few days with Grandma Williams and Ila and Val before Harlow was finally born and always love to spend time with them, Grandma is doing very well and sends her love to all. I also spent an afternoon with Janet and her family and finally met Tad's son, Nikolas who is adorable.
Harlow Carol Woodmansee made her entrance into the world at 5:34 am, Tuesday March 13th and it was a most exciting moment as I was able to be right there, along with Michael, by Jenni's side as she gave birth. Such a blessing! She is so precious and beautiful and we love her and welcome her to the family with all the joy in our hearts.
I have lots of pictures but will just share a few. Love this family picture.
So precious, Jenni was so anxious to see what her sweet baby looked like.
Totally love her hair.
She really liked her first bath and it woke her right up. Just after we got her all clean and after this photo, she spit up big time on Michael and we had to start over.
Love this snuggle picture and all her nakedness. I love you Harlow!
I had such a great time helping with Harlow, Jenni and Michael and hated like crazy to say good by but hold on to the thought that they will be with us in Oregon all Summer and guess what, there was more fun to come. Michael drove me to the airport and I was off to meet Ivy Reese Rogers!
BONUS!! Time with Easton and Carly and we had such fun together. Easton tried to teach me to play Mario on the Wii and was very patient with me. Kellen and Caleb have already tried to teach me, I am slow but am catching on. We played Ninjago legos, went to the park and just had a great time. He is growing up too fast, going off to school every day, reading and writing and doing homework.
Miss Carly is talking so much more than last time I saw her and I didn't have a lot of competition so I got more time with her. She thought the contents of my purse were amazing and we went through everything many times, filing her nails, putting on chap stick, reading the scripture, writing notes, which we got into a little trouble with ink on the bedspread, eating mints and chewing gum. She has 3 dolls, 3 bracelets, a hello kitty, a big pink dolphin, purse and hello kitty back pack which she carries everywhere she goes. So Cute!
Here is our precious Ivy, she is so adorable and I fell in love with her immediately. This picture was taken during the middle of the night and she wasn't all that happy about it but I love it. She was born on Monday, March 12th at 2:03 pm in Las Vegas. That makes her about 15 1/2 hours older than her cousin Harlow.
Oh, precious baby, you are just too cute.
You can see by her smile that she liked her first bath too!
All decked out in her Eugene onesie made especially for her by her auntie LeAnn.
This day at the park was the only cold day I have ever spent in Las Vegas. The next time Steve took us to another park and we had to leave to find water because we were so hot.
The days passed too quickly and it was time to say good by again to this little beauty, I treasure my time with her and know she is going to change so much by the time I see her again. I love you Ivy!
We are so grateful for our new little granddaughters born less than 24 hours apart, thanks to both families for letting me visit and do my bonding. Love you so much!
Both girls had more professional pictures taken of the babies which can probably be found on their blogs.