Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay Bethy, here you go

Bethany has been after me to update and I tell her that there isn't much to say. The last month has been pretty much wedding, wedding and more wedding. I'm not complaining mind you, it has been a lot of fun and we've accomplished quite a bit already, good thing since the wedding is two months from today. Oh, my! I had forgotten how many details there are but of the great things about it is that the whole family may be here for the special occasion. We sure hope so.

I have been working on two quilts and that is always fun for me, I'll post the pictures later when they are finished. Friday was my last day of work for the Summer and that is always a little traumatic, as much as I need a break and look forward to it, I love those kids and will miss them. Hopefully Bruce will still want to come home for breakfast now that Karmen isn't here to eat with him. Today I slept in a whole hour and didn't walk until 7:00, then shopped until I dropped and now I'm on the computer without feeling guilty and the dishes are still in the sink. Super great day!

We got to spend Memorial Day with these two cutie pies.

All my girls and next Fall this adorable little guy will join the mix, meet Jacey's little brother, Jalen Avery Smith.

Bruce is loving the nice days and his garden is growing, he wants you to know that the corn will be knee high by the 4th of July. He is busy doing his part of wedding prep, painting the back of the house and the clown bench, Yeah! Planting flowers and keeping the yard up.
Have a great Summer, I'm looking forward to reading lots of great posts about it.