Sunday, February 12, 2012

January isn't usually this fun

Celebrating with Kellen and Caleb, the Birthday Boys. Love them so much!

Watching Kellen's basketball game.

Em making her quilt in a day.

Cutie boy Cameron, always so happy even though he wasn't feeling well.

Happy first birthday Harlan! He has been through so much in his short life and been an inspiration to me as has his amazing family. He sat up for us at his party and loved playing with his cards, books and meeting all his family.

Cierra did an amazing job on the party and we had a great time.

Uncle Darren meeting Harlan for the first time.

Erica and Jill at the party, her hair is so beautiful and her little skirt so darn cute, we love you girls.

The boys were there too and I'm glad I got this picture of them because they were busy playing games the whole time and I didn't get to see enough of them.

Out to dinner with Em, it was so wonderful to have her visit even though it was so short.

Happy New and Go DUCKS! This was just before Jenni and Michael left after Christmas. Such a fun time and we hated to see them leave.

Well, I started this post a month ago now so I guess it's time I finished it since February more than half over. We had a great January though considering it is usually my least favorite month of the year. We drove to Portland six times but it was all worth it, February has been quiet and we enjoyed the rest and are getting geared up for March and the arrival of the BABIES!!!