Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We thought it was time to visit Las Vegas and went for another quick visit to see Emily, Steve and Easton and had a fantastic time. Jenni surprised Dad and arrived Friday for his birthday, since we haven't seen her since Christmas it was wonderful to spend time with her even though it was too short to even get caught up.

Dad thinks Em should be a taxi driver, she can really get around the streets of Vegas and took us to all our favorite places. We love the Ballegio and could never see the water show too many times, it is amazing and I love it! We went on an awesome hike at Red Rock and the weather was to die for. I guess they had a nice week end in Eugene but we missed it and it has been raining ever since.

We took Dad to see Elvis, which was amazing, went to the park, had delicious meals and played with Easton. He is growing so fast and saying a lot of words and it was just so fun to spend time with them. Thanks, Em and Steve! It's back to reality now but little get aways like this sure give me a lift.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter/Spring Break

What a wonderful day for a baptism! Dad and I were so happy to be spending Easter with Tina, Scott and family and it was such a privilege for him to baptize Scott, Tamara and Taryn. We loved seeing their new home, which is awesome, playing with the girls, and sharing a delicious meal with them. It was an added bonus that Cierra was able to come from New Mexico.

The next day, I drove to Marysville, CA and spend Spring break with Melanie, Andy and the kids. I had such a great time being with them and we were busy every minute. Because of snow in the mountains, I decided to stay longer than planned and got to go on a little trip with them to Moneray and Santa Curz. We went to the warf, aquarium and boardwalk and just had such a grand time. There were seven kids and three adults in the van and very few problems, not bad huh? I was happy to finally meet their foster children; Jayden, Alexis and Geovanni. They are adorable. I actually enjoyed my drive both down and back so remind me of that next time I am hesitant to do it.

Dad was busy while I was gone and had carpet installed in the bedroom, started putting in the molding, fixed the light in my sewing room and much more. I think I should go away more often.