Monday, February 22, 2010

ZHU ZHU and ZOO Pets

Do you know about ZHU ZHU pets? I didn't until Kylie and Karmen brought theirs to share last week. I guess they were all the rage at Christmas time but I didn't hear about them and I think they are adorable, for rodents that is. I decided to get one for Kellen and Caleb since we were going to visit and they were a big hit. Kellen got right to work making a cage for his out of a shoe box, putting toy food in and a water dish and Caleb copied everything Kellen did and they slept right by their bed. It was great fun, their names are Brian and Alex.

We had a great day at the Portland Zoo and at Kellen's basket ball game, he was the MVP for sure. All the animals were out enjoying the sunshine and the elephants but on a great show. The baby's name is Sam and the boys love going back to see how much he has grown from time to time. We love you guys and thanks so much for the fun visit.

Steve, I hope you can forgive me but I think Easton, Joseph and Justin really need a ZHU ZHU pet.