Sunday, April 18, 2010

April has been good!

As usual, my pictures aren't moving where I want them to so I'll just be happy with this. Bruce had a good birthday and loved hearing from all his friends and family. It is a big birthday month for us with seven family members celebrating and we loved talking to all of them. Happy birthday, Dad, Jason, Bethany, Connie, Jill, Kevin, and Melanie. We love you! We had a great time in Roseburg with Brad watching Shayanna participate in the Miss Douglas County Outstanding Teen Pageant. She was the youngest of 18 contestants and we were so proud of her. She choreographed her own dance for her talent and it was amazing!

The question she was asked was, "who is your hero and why." She answered, "I'd have to say my hero is my MOM because she has been through a lot in her young life and has worked hard to over come those trials." I loved that.

I've enjoyed the tulips so much, these purple ones are my favorite and look so great next to the lilacs but I have to remind myself to go out in the back yard to see them.

The red ones are amazing again this year.

These cream colored ones were a surprise for me from Bruce this year and I love them so much and appreciate all his hard work to make the yard beautiful for me to enjoy.

Can't wait to see what is next, life is good on Janus Court.