Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First adventure of the new year

We were excited about attending Isabella's baptism and Nick's ordination to the Priesthood this month and I wanted to visit my mother who has been very ill recently so I just combined the two and was gone for nine days. It was a little long and Bruce said I can only go for three days from now on but I enjoyed it so much and was able to visit with a lot of family and amazingly enough the weather was good the whole way. There was snow on the ground in Beaver and it was very cold but it didn't snow while I was driving so that was all I cared about. Sacramento and Las Vegas were beautiful and warm. A huge thanks to Em and Steve for letting me borrow their car the whole week!

It was good to spend time with my mom and see for myself how she is doing and also see her new home, the Long Term Care facility. Any ideas on a better name for that place would be appreciated. I hope she will be able to gain strength again and enjoy her days there.
I think Bella liked her comforter I made for her, isn't she adorable in her new glasses?
The whole gang. Bella was the only one being baptized that day since she waited for Nick to be ordained but the room was filled with family and friends. Grandpa Bob made her adorable dress and jacket. I love spending time with Beth and Britt, they are best friends as well as cousins. I just can't believe they are going to be 14 and that means Stake Dances!! They always manage to get us in the swimming pool at the motel.The guys; John, Andy, Wayne, Grandpa Bob, Nick and Grandpa Brucie. I'm excited that next time I visit I will get to see Nick passing the Sacrament. We were so proud of Nick and Bella and so glad we could be there to share in the occasion.I told Ila she was going to make the blog so maybe she will actually read it this time. They are so much fun to spend time with and they took such good care of me, I slept and ate at their house for five days. We stayed up until after midnight every night visiting and slept in every morning, it was great. They make retirement look inviting.Added bonus! I love that the Las Vegas airport is pretty close to Beaver, it makes for extra chances to see Em, Steve and Easton. It was a short visit but very fun.Well, it was a great time and I'm so glad I got to go. I appreciate the day care parents being understand and I'm glad to be home with the girls and Brucie, he was lonesome and running out of food.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally I'm blogging Christmas. I loved every minute!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season we sure did and I have a hard time letting go. You put so much effort into it, you have such a great time with family and friends, some of us get a vacation from work and then it's over just like that. Our family is all gone and I finally took the tree down, that makes me feel sad, I put all my grandson's favorite toys away and that made me sad so I decided to leave a few winter decorations up for awhile and that perked me right up.

It's quiet here now and even though I wasn't ready to start those early morning walks, I need to get rid of those extra calories and I was glad to see my little girls come back on Monday morning. Bruce is working all manor of crazy hours the past couple weeks so I haven't even seen much of him.

The big news here is that we got a new bed! Yep, after 26 1/2 years we thought it was time, it did dip in the middle pretty bad and we could feel the springs coming through so we went shopping and just as I thought would happen, we bought the first bed we saw so Bruce could get home in time for the Oregon game. I can be a good thing that he shops that way, if it were up to me, we would still have several stores to check out and then it would take a long time for me to choose. We got lucky though, it's very comfortable and we think we are going to love it, the only draw back is that you have to have a step ladder to get in it. It wasn't that high in the store, what's the deal with that?
Happy January to all and Happy Birthday to: Megan, Nicholas, Michael, Caleb and Kellen!!!

Bella gets baptized on January 17 and Nicholas will be ordained a deacon on the 18th. They are growing up so fast!!
I'm so slow that a lot of our pictures have been posted but here are a few favorites:
1. Cookies for Santa
2. We actually have snow
3. The favorite toy
4. One of many SERIOUS scrabble games