Sunday, July 13, 2008

Facing fear

I wish I had a photo to prove this and hopefully will have soon but we floated down the Rogue River yesterday with the young single adults and I am just so happy and proud that I actually did it that I had to blog.

I am not comfortable in the water and am afraid of it. I did take swimming lessons as a child but wasn't good at it and remember all too well those belly flops. I've always wanted to float down the river though. With a lot, really a lot, of coaxing, I decided this was my chance.

I was blessed with an experienced guide and went in the so called "dry" boat and that was a good thing. Bruce on the other hand, took a bucket and was involved in and instigated full blown water fights the entire day.

The scenery was gorgeous and I had so much fun! Because of the skills of my guide, the rapids were a blast instead of frightening and I felt very safe. Rafts did overturn and people were thrown out so I learned that I wouldn't go down the river with just any one. This was the perfect river for my first experience, I'm so glad I went.