Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meeting our new baby, Erica Ruth Jolley.

I could hardly wait to see Erica in person and was able to take a nice relaxing train ride to Seattle and spend a few days with her and her family, it was amazing. She is so precious and adorable and so much fun to sit and admire and snuggle hour after hour, which is pretty much what I did.

She still has her days and nights mixed up so Jill isn't getting much rest but other than that she is very calm and content and just a joy to her family. Her brothers are totally loving having a sister, the first thing Justin said when he saw me was, "Grandma, we have a new baby sister and she is sooooo cute!"

I did manage to tear myself away long enough to go to Joseph's soccer game on Saturday which was a very rainy day but it was a blast watching the little kids run around the field. Justin came prepared with his boots and took full advantage of them playing in the puddles. That was the only bad weather day we had while I was there the other days were beautiful.

Joseph and friends waiting for the game to begin. Cool dudes!

We made cookies, did some shopping, went to church, played games and just had a great time together. I loved having the job of driving Joseph to school every morning, he is in 1st grade already and just looked like such a big boy going off all by himself to the play ground for a few minutes before school started. I know it will feel like a blink of the eye and Erica will be in first grade since I remember visiting Bethany as a new born as if it were last week and she just informed me today that she will be taking drivers ed starting Monday. They grow up too fast!!

Shouldn't Jenni just be learning to drive?

It's so true that time flies when you are having fun and my visit came to an end but I am so grateful for those days and being able to bond with Erica, I miss her and I love her to pieces!! Thanks Darren and Jill, Joseph and Justin for having me.

Erica Ruth Jolley at age 2 weeks.