Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I know it is almost Christmas but I wanted to say what a great Thanksgiving we had and how grateful I am for that as well as all our many blessings. It was Mitchell's turn to host this year and wouldn't you know it there were only five Mitchells and twenty Jolleys but they were brave and has us all over and it was beautiful and delicious. We missed all who weren't there so much but wondered what we would do if we were lucky enough to have everyone at once. We would have to use both houses, I guess.
Such adorable helpers. Taryn built this great fort for the boys to play in and Kellen loved pulling carrots.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wii had fun

Go Mel!!
Bella in training to make homemade tortillas

Blogger has not been working well for me but I will try again. I had a short but great visit with the Sorensens. The train ride was uneventful compared to other years, it was really full so I wasn't able to stretch out at all or get any of my perks but the people I sat by were great and I did sleep so that was good. The trip from Klamath Falls to Oakridge on the way home was absolutely gorgeous with freshly fallen snow all over the trees and mountains, I just sat back and marveled at it all the way.

We enjoyed playing Rock Band on the Wii and lots of board games, Melanie, Bethany and I went to see New Moon and loved it. Bethany is crazy, to say it mildly, about Jacob and I am still an Edward fan. Mel and Andy cooked up a storm and all the food was delicious, sorry Em and Jen, I was thinking about you as we were eating home make tortillas.

Thanks so much for having me guys, next time I need to sleep longer at your house than I do on the train though:) I have more pictures I wanted to share but I'm giving up on getting it to work.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Spooky Dinner is alive and well in the hearts of Jolleys and Mitchells everywhere.

It was fun to share it this year with the Young Single Adults. Don't you love Julie's cake? We all enjoyed slimy slivers, eye balls, witches brew, monster mash and other such delicious treats.
Hope everyone has a grand time, we will be watching the Duck game and opening the door for our spooks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I admit being envious of people who have grandchildren near by and I often wonder if they know how lucky they are. It just don't think it's fair and I can work myself up to being really ticked about it sometimes. Thankfully because of special occasions we have been able to see most of the kids the last couple months which we are totally grateful for but the time is short and off they go again until who knows when. Poor me! I just need to be grateful for the great times we have when we are together, here are a few pictures from recent times.

Jenni and Michael's wedding provided a great opportunity for the family to gather, August 15th.

Darren was called as Bishop in West Seattle so we were able to visit them for that special occasion in late September.

Next was baby Carly's blessing day in Nampa, Idaho. Her cousin was also being blessed and another cousin being baptised so we all met there instead of Vegas.

We love to go to at least one of Marc's football games in the fall and luckily Darren and Jill picked the same game. These boys LOVE each other and have so much fun together. Uncle Marc provided Joseph with his very own helmet. It was so fun to lay in bed and listen to them read books and whisper in the next room.

The past couple years we've been able to go to the pumpkin patch with Kellen and Caleb so we couldn't miss out on that even though it was pouring rain when we left home. You should have seen their faces when we turned the corner and all those pumpkins came into view! The sun came out and we had a great time.We are actually a little tired but always looking forward to our next adventure with the family.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Suffice it to say, It was a WONDERFUL Summer!

It's been awhile since I blogged so I could be here all night talking about what a great time we have had this Summer but most of you know all about it.
We had so much fun helping Jennifer and Michael prepare for their wedding and reception, and it was great having them here with us for three weeks.

I timed it just right for my flight to Vegas to meet baby Carly, I was only there about 24 hours when she arrived healthy and beautiful as can be. I was with them about two weeks and had so much fun playing with Easton and bonding with Carly. Em and Steve are awesome parents and words can't describe what a joy it was to be able to help out during that time.

I took a little side trip to Beaver and was able to spend time with mom, my sisters and their families. It happened to be the 24th of July which is always so fun in Beaver, the best parade ever. I also attended my 40th class reunion and that was a real blast from the past, how wonderful to see the faces of my dear classmates again.
Yea for the class of 69!! We looked pretty darn good.

As soon as I returned it was time for the Leonard JOLLEY reunion at the coast and that was so fun. They really know how to have a good time and it was so good to see them. Bruce has a wonderful family and I love them all, we had Jennifer and Michael, Tina, Scott and their family and Marc and Connie and their family with us.

Jennifer and Michael were married August 15th and that brought our whole family together along with our wonderful friends. We are so happy for them and will love to hear all about their new life together in Provo, UT. We were able to spend time with all of our grandchildren and that doesn't happen often enough. MANY THANKS to all who were there in support of Jenni and Michael. It was wonderful!!! We had a super fun trip to Dallas Texas for the open house and loved meeting Michael's family and friends and seeing all the sights there, it's a beautiful city.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So much for the dry boat

We did it again and it was really fun but we are looking at each other now and asking what were we thinking? Dad can't do anything half way so he gets in there are starts water fights and plays hard and I actually had to work hard and row and help this year so we are both EXHAUSTED! We were on the river 5 1/2 hours not to mention the six hours in the car.

I don' t have many photos because until the last minute I was going to be driving the lunches down river to meet them and didn't get a water camera, hat or other much needed items but I survived. We were the so called "dry boat" and if that means not getting into a lot of fights, it was true but we did take on a lot of water and got totally soaked working our way through the rapids without tipping over, (that was my ultimate goal) thanks to our captain, President Bay.

It was a beautiful day and we just couldn't stop saying how grateful we are for where we are blessed to live.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June was great while it lasted

I just have a few minutes before it's time to sit out but I wanted to post a few pictures. I love Summer and dearly treasure every day. June went way too quickly.

We had a fun few days with Kellen and Caleb, they were a little leery about staying three and a half days without Mom and Dad but did just fine. I made a quick trip to WA with Marc and Connie to see Jill and the boys for a few hours and it was so fun to spend time with them and see how the boys love to be together. They all change so much in just a few months, it is incredible.
Other than that, I was quilting and doing wedding prep both of which were lots of fun.
I love taking my time getting ready for the day and having a relaxing breakfast (outside even) with Dad, watching a little of the Today Show and doing what I want.
The tramp was a big hit, Kellen loved the sprinkler and we had a water fight.

I realize now that Enchanted Forrest can be a little scary for children this young but they were good sports. Why did they have to make all those nursery rhymes so frightening?

Aren't they just the cuttest?

Quilt #1 finished and sent off for our new granddaughter due to arrive any time!!!
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay Bethy, here you go

Bethany has been after me to update and I tell her that there isn't much to say. The last month has been pretty much wedding, wedding and more wedding. I'm not complaining mind you, it has been a lot of fun and we've accomplished quite a bit already, good thing since the wedding is two months from today. Oh, my! I had forgotten how many details there are but of the great things about it is that the whole family may be here for the special occasion. We sure hope so.

I have been working on two quilts and that is always fun for me, I'll post the pictures later when they are finished. Friday was my last day of work for the Summer and that is always a little traumatic, as much as I need a break and look forward to it, I love those kids and will miss them. Hopefully Bruce will still want to come home for breakfast now that Karmen isn't here to eat with him. Today I slept in a whole hour and didn't walk until 7:00, then shopped until I dropped and now I'm on the computer without feeling guilty and the dishes are still in the sink. Super great day!

We got to spend Memorial Day with these two cutie pies.

All my girls and next Fall this adorable little guy will join the mix, meet Jacey's little brother, Jalen Avery Smith.

Bruce is loving the nice days and his garden is growing, he wants you to know that the corn will be knee high by the 4th of July. He is busy doing his part of wedding prep, painting the back of the house and the clown bench, Yeah! Planting flowers and keeping the yard up.
Have a great Summer, I'm looking forward to reading lots of great posts about it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dancing Queen

We went to Roseburg last night for Shayanna's annual dance recital and had a super fun time. She was amazing, as always. She is an assistant teacher now and choreographed and taught a dance to the younger girls which was adorable. She is almost 13, I can't even believe it.
Brad and Kristy were there so that was an added bonus. We went out for ice cream after the show and had a good visit with them. They are having fun working on their new home, Brad's workout room is painted with a huge Dallas Cowboy star on the wall.

Thirteen is such a wonderful age:) We love you Shay, Congrats on another great year of dance.

It was fun to see Bobbie and Dontea as well, they are doing great and send their love. Dontea is 16 and driving his own car. He is SO VERY HANDSOME! Wish I would have taken a picture of him for you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jennifer's Graduation & Stephanie's wedding

Super great memories of the past two weeks!
I love this photo Emily took of Jennifer just after she received her diploma from BYUI April 10th. We are so proud of her and were so happy to be there with her for graduation and to celebrate all her hard work, it has been a wonderful experience for her. Congratulations Jenni!!!! We love you.
Emily and Easton made the long trek to Rexburg with us and he was such a good little traveler and was patient during graduation. President Clark and Elder Neil Anderson were the speakers.
Bruce has a way of making the trip more fun with rest stops in unusual places. The first stop was Hoodoo and then Riley which I don't have a photo of because it was freezing cold and I wouldn't get out of the car but he ate his candy bar on the bench in the cold wind.
Here we are at Massacre Rock, you haven't lived until you have visited this place, also cold and windy. Below we are at the natural spring water fountain, it's tradition to stop there for a rest, Easton was just about to fall asleep and against Emily's better judgement we stopped anyway. Notice her adorable pregnant tummy:)
Easton talked about going to the park all the way from Burley to Onterio so we found one and had a good time. It was Bruce's birthday so we celebrated that and Easter in our Motel in Onterio.
Jennifer's roommates, Lindsay, Brooke, and Anessa joined her for Stephanie's wedding along with returned missionary Michael Woodmansee. Welcome Home Michael!!

We were all honored to be with Stephanie and Jarom on their wedding day and it was beautiful in every way from start to finish. We love you and wish you happiness ever after.

Darren, Jill, Joseph and Justin were here for the wedding and it was great spending time with them and having the three little boys together. We missed the rest of our family who all tried hard to make it but couldn't.
After a trip to Saturday market they are headed back to Rexburg, Seattle and Las Vegas. We are left with our memories which we treasure.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break and other fun days

I told you March is great, even though it is still cold outside, I smiled every time I looked at the daffodils, every time I realized it was 7:00 pm and still light outside and having time off for Spring Break.

I had a very relaxing three days at home doing things like going to the store when ever I wanted all by myself, watching a few movies and doing a little cleaning but I am conditioned to being gone for Spring Break so I was anxious to get on the move. Bruce started a project in the bathroom which is coming along nicely and that kept him busy while I was gone.

Thursday I took the commuter train from Eugene to Seattle which is an improvement on the coastal starlight FOR SURE ( the guy sitting behind me said, "for sure" a million times all the way to Tacoma.) Annoying!!! It was fun to sit and read my book and not have to deal with traffic. Bruce drove up on Saturday and we came home together on Sunday, I talked on the phone and let him deal with traffic. It was so fun to spend time with Darren, Jill, Joseph and Justin. Those boys are so fun and cute, you'll see from the photos below, it's hard to leave them.

Sunday was a special day as Bruce had the priviledge of ordaining Darren a High Priest and he was sustained and set apart as 2nd counselor in their bishopric.

I got to play legos with both sets of grandsons this month. They mostly want to build towers.

It was so fun to go with Joseph to swimming lessons and pre school. He liked the hot tub better than the actual pool and his pre school is adorable, I truly would love to hand out there. I had a flash back of when I took Bethany to her pre school which feels like yesterday and she will be 14 in ten days. Scary thought!
Earlier in the month we got to spend a night with Marc, Connie, Kellen and Caleb. Kellen played his little heart out at his soccer game which they won 4-0, Dad was the only one keeping score.
We were blessed to be with Stephanie and Andrew when the went to the temple together on March 7th. He is leaving next week for his mission to Hungry and she will marry Jarom Lance on April 17.
"Sugar and spice and all that's nice; that's what little girls are made of."