Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HOT Topics

Our Summer vacation to celebrate retirement with those who couldn't attend our Oregon parties.
HOT Spot #1 UTAH !! Warning this blog is long, it should be three or four separate ones but there wasn't time on vacation to blog so here we go, stay with me if you can. We thought the weather was hot while visiting Jenni and Michael in Provo but looking back it was marvelous weather there and we should have appreciated it more even though we were sweating when we were walking at 7:00 am. This is a picture of their new home, a four plex and they live on the top right. It's adorable and they love it and we loved helping them get it whipped into shape.
Yes, finally the shelves are up! Several attempts have been made but Bruce the Builder was the one to succeed. Jenni was soooo happy.

Most of our down time was spent playing scrabble, they are sitting next to each other playing scrabble on line, silly huh? Fun though. We had a great time with them, Michael worked a lot put popped in and out and met us for meals and I failed to get even one photo of him.
Anne brought Ben and Bella down from SLC for the evening one night and we had a rip roaring game of Yahtzee and Grandpa took us out for ice cream. The days flew by and it was time to say good by and you know how I feel about that! It was such a joy to spend time with them and see them working and playing hard and loving their life in Provo.

On down the freeway to Beaver, my beloved home town. I do so love it there and had a wonderful time with my sisters, their families and mother. It is never long enough for me, I think it would make a wonderful retirement home. Emily and the kids like it there as well and joined us for a few days which was such a treat. Easton loves to be able to play outside in the yard, go for walks and play with Great Grandma's REALLY old toys.

Is this cute or what? We did a lot of sitting out in Beaver, the sky at night is amazing there.

We took a little trip to Cove Fort which was really interesting and fun for all, a must see if you are ever in the area.

This is Ponderosa Park and I had to get a picture of them on the rock because I used to sit on that rock and eat my watermelon after our many picnics as a kid. Lots of memories of this place.
HOTTER spot #2 (weather wise I mean:) Las Vegas

Celebrating Carly's first birthday in air conditioning at the Bellagio, it is such an amazing place and we never tire of visiting. She is such a living doll and she liked us, I was worried about that.

Here she is at the children's museum the next day, love this picture because it shows her cute little teeth. Em drove all over town determined to find Pawn Stars for Dad which she eventually did, we went in but they are to famous to come to work now days so everyone there was disappointed but it was fun for him. We love hanging out with Em and Steve and the kids and it was such a special treat to be there for Carly's birthday.

HOTTER spot #3 California - On the road again. It was great having a few days to rest and visit with family in between our hours in the car. The trip to Yosemite was very interesting, miles of desolation and miles of beauty I guess is the best way I can describe it. We loved it there! We spent the night in a cute little town, June Lake, and drove through the park the next day. It would be fun to spend more time there some day, not in July though, too many people.

These two pictures are out of order but they are Ben at horse camp here in Eugene, which Ben is crazy about, and Bella showing just how much she enjoys going to horse camp. We brought them home from California with us to spend a few days and we had a great time.

FUN days with the Sorensens in California. Nick is as tall as Grandpa now!
They have NINE puppies!

California State Fair, it was so HOT! I talked Grandpa into going on the tilt a whirl with Ben and I felt terrible because it made him pretty sick but other than that we all had such a fun day.

Yep, he rang the bell and won a toy. He is one strong boy. We went swimming, played games, ate great food and just enjoyed being together and soon it was time to move on one more time.

HOTTEST spot #4 Springfield MO

It's been too long since we visited Jason in Missouri so we took this opportunity to celebrate with them too and it was so fun. They were all there to meet us at midnight at the airport and we spent five fun filled days with them. This is Jason's new office at Missouri State.

A fun picnic and swim at a state park, Megan and Kevin are off in the lake, those two love to be in the water. Jason and Lu have a pool in their complex so we took advantage of that several times.
Super Saturday fun with Andrea and Megan at the church. We went to lots of yummy restaurants and tried to get into Lambert's Cafe but it was a two hour wait, maybe next time.

Adorable family photo and yes, Sammy is a member of the family.
Andrea has a friend who owns a house on the lake and let us spend the night there on our way to Branson, it was a beautiful home and spectacular view!
Toy Museum in Branson, I loved this place, it was filled with wall to wall toys, old and new. I found a toy coke machine that I played with as a kid and my Bonnie Braids doll. FUN! We had a very fun but hot day in Branson and the highlight was the Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner attraction, it was amazing! So much delicious food and great entertainment.
Jason and Lu cooked a delicious breakfast just before it was time to leave.
Central High School's most adorable cheer leader. We hope she has a wonderful freshman year.
Well, thats it in a nutshell, there are a lot more pictures and lots more to say but mostly I just want to say what a great trip we had visiting people we love. Thanks to everyone for having us and for taking SUCH GOOD care of us. We love you and are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.