Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Annual ride on Amtrak to CA

I didn't really ride the freight train but took this picture of a UP train when the kids and I went to play along the tracks, don't tell their parents. It was a cool place but I don't really like them hanging out there without grandma but I'm pretty sure they do. My Amtrak experience was pretty good this year, the train was on time both ways which is a miracle in itself. I slept well and the people I met were quite normal, sorry no funny stories. I sat by a very liberal woman from CA who had, accidentally, one child and that was enough and I listened to her all evening. She didn't ask me one question and I was afraid to tell her we had 8 children on purpose. I liked her stories though and she didn't snore or cough so she was great. On the way home they gave me another sleeper car free, I'm not sure why, I think it's Dad's pass but it was WONDERFUL! You would have laughed if you could have seen me trying to put the seats down to make my bed, couldn't read the instructions, some cute young guy finally came to my aid. I always love the ride home, the mountains had snow and Autumn leaves, I read and napped and had a wonderful day.
I've never seen any one put their hair up in rags but isn't she adorable? The before photo: AFTER! Love those curls! Love this girl and spending time with her.

In and Out for lunch after a fun movie.
I'm so glad we haven't outgrown the $ Store game, it's a favorite.

The weather was fantastic and I LOVE these trees, the streets were lined with them as well as Autumn leaves. Ben, Bella and Joshie on our walk to the tracks.

Holy smokes, what is this boy doing?? Scared me to death when I looked out the window and he and Bella were both shooting BB guns in the back yard. They know how to be careful and all was well.

Thanks Melanie and Andy for a wonderful few days, I feel so comfortable at your house and loving visiting and catching up and eating all your yummy food, thanks to Andy and Beth, I can say brussel sprouts are delicious. Love you!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Fun went on and on

It all started with a weekend trip to visit Marc and Connie to go to a Tigard game. It was so much fun to spend time with them and watch Kellen and Caleb play soccer. Darren, Joseph and Justin drove down from Seattle to meet us and we had such a great time.
The game was awesome and Tigard won, of course. Kellen was a ball boy and that was fun to watch this little guy running out with the ball and water that weighed more than he does.
Joseph had a great time playing on the side lines with him.
The next day was beautiful and we took our annual trek to their really super fun
pumpkin patch. Aren't they adorable?
Joseph just lost his tooth before this picture was taken.
After that trip dad and I tood the day care kids to the pumpkin patch and then had a littlel party with them. They were all adorable this year.

Next the young single adult had a fun pumpkin carving FHE and then a dance on Friday. The fun never ends around here!

We were so lucky to have Jenni and Michael visit for a few days and she was such a good sport and accompanied us to all our various activities and was here for Spooky Dinner with the Mitchells. Who knew we would be able to see so much family and have such a great October? This Fall has been beautiful here in Oregon and we feel very blessed.