Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2010

First stop, Cinnabon. This became a family tradition when the kids were little and we would go to Valley River Center for family home evening and see Santa, look at the decorations and sometimes buy our $5.00 gift. Actually it was $3.00 back in the day.

Michael's fabulous $5.00 gift from Dad.

Cierra and Michael brought Harlan for a visit on Christmas Eve which was so special for us. They came by last year too and we hope they make it a tradition. Harlan was so happy and we just loved spending time with them.

Love this picture of beautiful Jenni and her baby bump... coming right along. It was so fun to feel the baby moving all around and see how are excited they are for the arrival of their very first baby.

We were able to celebrate Marc's 34th birthday by going out to dinner with them and watching the boys while they went out on a date. Cameron's first Christmas!

Isn't she beautiful??? We were doubly blessed that Steph and Jaron also came home for Christmas and brought Evelyn to meet the neighborhood. We LOVE her!

Last minute photo before Darren, Jill and family left for home. I am disappointed that I didn't get one before Marc and Connie left and also Brad and Kristy.

Battleship was the game of choice this year, Joseph loved playing grandpa, Michael, Jenni and Kellen.

SURPRISE! Baby shower for much fun!

This old race track is still a favorite with the kids. I remember when Nick and Ben used to play with it and Justin literally played with it all day. CUTE!

More cuteness. These are my Duck fans in their matching pj's.

Kellen and Caleb love to play Clue and Jenni and Michael love to play with Kellen and Caleb so clue it is.Love this picture of Connie and Cameron all smiles. He is the happiest little guy and he was very sick at the time but you would never know it.

As you can see it was a wonderful Christmas, I wish I had written close to the fact but the memories come flooding back as I review these few of my favorite photos. It was wonderful to have family around us and we loved being in contact with those who couldn't be here and sharing gifts, cards and warm wishes.