Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching up with Grand kids

We have been really blessed this year when it comes to spending time with our family. It is never enough but looking back and considering the distance between us and the busy lives, it's been great. I went to Las Vegas to be with Easton on his 5th birthday which I can not even believe he could be five. I gave Bruce ample opportunity to come along and he declined and has complained ever since that he didn't go since he missed these adorable faces.


We have been to a couple of Marc's football games and the bonus is spending time with Connie and the boys. Kellen is a ball boy and it is so adorable to see this little tiny guy running out in the middle of all those huge football players to give them the football. Caleb is usually tired after a long day and falls asleep right on the bleacher. This is Cameron all snuggled in with GG, his great grandma who drives from Junction City to EVERY game. She is amazing. GO TIGERS! They are undefeated!It was truly amazing the Harlan was well enough to make a visit to our house, what a blessing to see him out of the hospital and doing so well. We just loved having them and I wish I had a picture of the whole group. Darian was very excited to hear Mitchells had a trampoline after being cooped up in the house and attending a wedding so we let her get some wiggles out. She is adorable and I was grateful for the chance to get to know her a little better.

Our last picture of Seth was his 8th grade picture, it was time for a change! He has grown into quite the handsome young man.

Here is baby Harlan at 9 months old on his first visit to our house. So adorable! We hope he comes back real soon. He was a little tired from the trip and the wedding but was rolling over and being happy for us.

Next was our annual visit to another Tigers game and the pumpkin patch with Marc and Darren's families. The weather man said rain but just like last year we were spared and it was warm at the game and beautiful the next day for the kids to pick out their pumpkins. They love being together and made every minute count, besides the football game, the boys had a slumber party, went to Kellen and Caleb's football and soccer games, out to lunch and the pumpkin patch all in 24 hours.

This was Erica's first time at the pumpkin patch, isn't she adorable?
The whole gang at the corn maze.

Just look at this adorable smiley, three month old baby Cameron. He is so CUTE!

Thanks Connie and Marc for a very fun time. We love you!

From there we drove on to Seattle for a fun filled three days with Darren, Jill and their family.

We love to visit their ward with Bishop Jolley and Erica loved me this trip and let me hold her all through the meeting. Dad and Darren worked in the yard and house all day on Monday and I had a great time with Jill and the kids playing outside and at the park.

Erica is loving learning to feed herself. She loves her dolls and lets her brothers give her hard hugs and is patient with them, she walks really well and is full of smiles and cutenes.

Time to try on the Halloween costumes, aren't they just adorable. Love these boys!

Happy Halloween!! I am loving these beautiful fall days.

Blogging is exhausting and my show is on.

Since my last blog...

I turned the big 60, along with LeAnn and Warner, and thought this milestone should be recorded on the blog. I wasn't looking forward to it but have since changed my attitude and realized that I am grateful for my many years and look forward to all the good things that are yet to come. Jennifer made sure Warner and I had our own favorite cakes, tomato soup cake for Warner and carrot cake for me. She made waffles for breakfast, we had a picnic for lunch and Dad took us all out to Kabuki's for dinner
We had a super fun 60's party at Mitchells with friends, everyone dressed up, we listened to all the great music from that era and played 60's trivia.