Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ya gotta love Rexburg

I've been looking forward to Mother's weekend for months and now it's over but it was all I had hoped for and more. As Jenni was driving Em and I around town, I was thinking how much I love it there and asking myself why, (it was miserably cold at the moment). Here are a few reasons I came up with:
1. It has been home to four of our children off and on for 20 years now. Unreal!
2. Darren met Jill there.
3. Emily met Steve there.
4. Jenni met Michael there.
5. They have all gained an excellent education and grown into exceptional adults.
6. They all strengthened testimony.
7. They have met lasting friends.
8. Dad and I have had some amazing times visiting them there including; Mother's weekends, graduations, moving them in and out numerous times.
9. It has a friendly, small town goodness about it.

On the other hand, some things I don't like about Rexburg :
1. Freezing cold weather Fall, Winter, Spring.
2. It's in the middle of nowhere!
3. It's expensive to get there and back no matter how you travel.
4. It has taken my kids too far from home.

I enjoyed my time with Jennifer and Emily so much and we were able to hang out with Steph which was so great. We met a lot Jen's friends, her room mates, and her boss, Brother Tippetts, they were all awesome, I swear she knows everyone there. The temple is just so beautiful and I was grateful to be able to go with Emily. We went to one of the seminars which was excellent but mostly did our own thing and that involved a lot of eating. Em had her favorite spots she wanted to visit and Jenni and Steph have their favorites so we had to hurry to fit them all in. I think I'd have to say the pumpkin shake was my favorite, I don't know, it was all delicious.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially Jen for inviting us. I'm worried about that being my last Mother's weekend. Bethany could you arrange to go to BYUI and invite me?

It was a beautiful day for a flight into Portland and I took this photo of Mt. Hood. Cool huh?