Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day! Here's what we have been up to.

We took a super fun and super quick trip to visit Melanie's family over Easter, this is Grandpa hanging curtains for Bethany's 16th, YES, I said 16th birthday. How in the world can that be??

Does this look delicious or what? This is the beginning of Andy's fabulous meal for frineds and family after Joshie was sealed to them in the Sacramento temple. The three different salsas were to die for as well as the pork, beef and all that went along with it, so delicious!

Bethany taking Auntie Em for a spin around the block.

Bethany had an egg hunt for all the kids after lunch.

Ben holding Joshie, the star of the day, and newest member of the family and our 20th grandchild. He was sealed to Melanie and Andy in the Sacramento Temple Saturday, April 23.
What a blessing! He is adorable and we are so happy for them and so glad we could be there along with Darren, Emily, many from the Sorensen family and many more from their ward family to celebrate. CONGRATULATIONS!

Of course, I left my camera in the room and didn't have it at the temple but check Em's blog for more good photos of the day.

Happy 70th!!

Bruce wanted a quiet birthday this year, he wanted to sneak this one in since it's a rather big number and just hear from his kids and family and eat cake and ice cream so that is what we did. He doesn't seem 70 and for some reason that doesn't seem so old to me any more:) He is active and healthy and liking retirement and I'm so grateful for him. This is just one example of his handy work. LOVE THEM!!!

The Morris' grandchildren brought us a may basket today. It was so sweet but I thought, really, they have grandchildren old enough to do that? It seems like our kids were just making May baskets for Mrs. Morris, those were fun times. I love May, the tulips and rhodys are out and best of all, it is light when LeAnn and I walk at 5:45!! YES!

Hope you enjoy May.