Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 in a nut shell

I'm so far behind, I almost want to give up but i'ts been a fun four months so I thought I'd just give a quick up date. We spend four days a week with this adorable cuties and I love them dearly. Who wouldn't, look at those faces.

What a great surprise to hear that Andy and Bella were coming for a quick visit. We made the most of our short time. It was adorable that she wanted to buy a gift for her mom for Valentines day rather than for herself.

We started the year off with Caleb's fun birthday party which I don't have a photo of here but Jill and the boys came down for that and we all went bowling and then had a fun party for Caleb.

This a Caleb and Kellen showing their creativity and putting all their animals and toys in the spots they think they would live. We have been able to visit them several times this year since we are serving in the Portland Temple. Last week we were able to go to Kellens baseball game and that was so fun.

This is baby Harlan, our great grandson. He spent two months in the hospital and is now home and doing great, he is up to 9 lbs. Can't wait to visit him again and see his progress.

It was a very happy St. Patrick's Day. We got to have Joseph and Justin visit us for a few days and then we met up with Jill at the airport and were able to spend a couple hours with her and Erica. She changes so fast and is such a little doll, look at those eyes!

Joseph wanted to make no bake cookies so we did but he soon lost interest and Justin and I got to finish and eat them all. They were yummy

Our little gold pro, he beat all of us and was pretty pleased with himself. Love that smile!

SPRING BREAK !! I have always loved Spring Break and the time to spend with my kids. We always went to visit one of their sisters, Tina or Melanie, when they were younger and I still
have to go somewhere for Spring Break. This year Dad went along, since he has not excuse:), and we went to Utah to visit Grandma. Just so happened that Jason had planned a trip to visit Grandma too so we were lucky enough to spend time with him, Megan and Kevin. SO GREAT! Emily, Carly, Easton, Jenni and Michael were all there as well and we all had a wonderful visit.

Grandma is her amazing self at 93.

On to Vegas for a great with with Emily and Steve. We never run out of fun things to do there. This time they took us to see the drive over bridge at Hoover Day, which was amazing, and we went on a train ride, hung curtains, went to church and ate yummy food to name just a few things.

Carly know whats good!

Our little engineer.

Grandpa trying his best to win Carly over, she wasn't quite sure.

Off to the Beach! The fun never ends around here. Janet, Ila and Val came to OREGON! It's a miracle! We all went to Maygan and Matthew's beautiful wedding and then spend a few days at the beach together. It was wonderful to see then and have them spend time with us in Oregon. I think they liked it here...who wouldn't.

The boys at the wedding, they are always glad to see each other and were so cute and patient all evening.

Love this picture and wish I had one of Darren and Jill, they were there too but not seated at our table. We all had a fun time together.

Matthew and Maygan Shannon, the wedding was beautiful and so was Maygan.

Well, that is what we have been doing so far this year, it's all been so great and we count our blessings daily and hope the next four months are as much fun. I'ts Spring so I am very happy, the tulips are beautiful right now, I should have added a picture of them.