Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

Speed scrabble after Michael's great lesson for FHE
Grandma Williams loves Wendys food so we had a picnic in her room. Marc hasn't been to Beaver since he was ten so it was fun for him to be there and take Connie and the kids to meet his family. Marc, Emily, Carly, Jennifer, Valerie, Andrea and Camrie.
Cute bunny ears Valerie:)
I always look forward to visiting family during Spring Break and this year it felt like a good time to visit my mom in Beaver, Utah. I was lucky and other people in my family had the same idea so I got to see them too, which was so great!

I spent three days with Jenni and Michael and that was so fun for me to see what goes on in their lives there in Provo. They spoiled me rotten to say the least! I went to church with them and was amazed at their ward, I have never seen so many young married couples in one place in my life, since then the ward has been split. I got to see the office where Jenni works and meet the Doctor and other people she spends her day with, no wonder she LOVES her job, they were all so nice and it's fun to hear them express how much they appreciate her. Darren happened to be in town on business so we met him twice, once with Jill's family for a delicious dinner and once on campus. I hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving so that was a treat.
I spent three days in Beaver with my mom, my sister and her family and I just love them all to pieces and enjoyed every minute of it. Marc, Connie, Kellen and Caleb were visiting Emily and Steve in Las Vegas for Spring Break so they all drove to Beaver for a day which made Jenni and I very happy.

The weather went from sunny, no jacket, on Sunday to snow on Friday and everything in between but I enjoyed it all including a snow ball fight with Kellen, Easton and Caleb and was grateful for the chance to see my mom, age 92, doing so well and to be with my family. Thanks to all for making it such a wonderful week, I am so grateful.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springtime in the Northwest!!

I love how this picture makes it look like these are our daffodils but I must give credit where credit is due, they are Warner and LeAnn's. But I LOVE them.
These are only two of the bushes LeAnn and I pass every morning on our walk, which is in the pitch dark again thanks to day light savings time but hey, it's still light out now and it's 7:30 pm so I'm not complaining. It gets better and better from now until the end of May. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted. Spring...a tender mercy!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick recap of a wonderful week

Warner and LeAnn came over and took some adorable photos of the kids, just look at those faces. Caleb didn't feel well but he tried to be happy.
The reason for the whole visit was the wedding of Em's life long friend, Colleen Millegan to Jason
Hiebenthal. Isn't she beautiful? We were blessed with two sunny days so the boys could play outside.
The kids loved playing with their cousins and got along really well.

We made good use of the Mitchell's tramp

I love this picture of Carly showing her teeth and she does this little pose all the time between crawling and sitting. She makes some really cute faces wrinkling up her nose at you if she doesn't really know you, she adjusted to all of us quickly though and is a very happy baby at 7 months.
It was so great to spend time getting to know her. She looks a lot like Emily did in this particular picture.
We sure appreciated everyone making the trip, Jill for driving all that way alone with the boys and I was amazed at how Emily got through security at the airport with two kids, backpacks, a stroller, car seat, etc and Marc and family coming down for the day on Saturday. Such fun and just the winter break we needed.